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Freenas Raspberry Pi

Our backplane is fantastic for somebody hunting to increase their 2 disk configuration or simple surrogate to get up and running with an array, this backplane allows you to add two drives or memory cards to your array without any.

Raspberry Pi Freenas

This is a pi compatible backplane extender, it increases the length and width of the backplane so that it can be used with 4 or 6 drives. The extender works with and is compatible with the new build software 12, 0 or later. This is a for raspberry pi ssd case that supports 2 units of 2, 5 ssd and 1 unit of 3 ssd. It available in black and green, the sas controller for the raspberry pi is an 2-unit ssd case that supports 2. 5" and 3, 5" it comes with a case grilles that allow you to improve airflow over your pi and increase noise levels. This is a complete new backplane for the raspberry pi 4 that enables basic expansion and upgrade of with this backplane, you can now add an 6 drive formatted as a s3, or d3, 0 scarlet storage device. The backplane also expands to meet the needs of nas devices that need to be accessible from an 4 th or 5 th generation computer, this is a must have for any reader.