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Raspberry Pi Zoom

This is a Zoom lens for the 8-50 mm c-mount camera with c-cs, it renders a quick connection to the com and data storage rate of 10 it provides a long receiving life and is backed by an 2-year warranty.

High Quality Camera

8 to 50mm Zoom Lens

By Waveshare


Hq Camera, With C-cs Adapter, I

8-50Mm C-Mount Zoom Lens for

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Hq Camera, With C-cs Ad

Arducam 8-50Mm C-Mount Zoom Lens

By Raspberry Pi


High Quality Camera C-mount
Hq Camera, With C-cs Ad

Arducam 8-50mm C-Mount Zoom Lens

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Hq 2.8-12mm Focal Length

8-50mm C-Mount Zoom Lens for

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Zoomus Raspberry Pi

This 8-50 mm Zoom lens for raspberry pi is first-rate for use with a pi when you need a camera that is high quality c-mount, with a standard e-mount lens on the back, it provides a wide-angle or tight-angle option. Plus, it comes with a built-in microphone to make using video chat or streaming a breeze, the 8-50 mm c-mount Zoom lens is for use with the 8-50 mm c-stereo Zoom camera. It is compatible with the raspberry pi hq camera, the lens provides an aperture of 8-50 mm and is recorded at digital footage at 2 ch resolution. This Zoom raspberry pi is a beneficial camera for cctv or video conferencing, with a wide angle of 30. 6 mm it is top-rated for capturing footage in a wide angle or standard lens style, the c-mount lens makes it facile to take pictures and videos without having to remove the camera from your body. The pan and tilt wheel allows you to change the angle of the feed while the sd card allows for various video resolution levels, the 8-50 mm c-mount Zoom lens for the raspberry pi hq camera with c-cs is top-of-the-line for capturing video or images with your camera. This lens is compatible with all raspberry pi cameras and offers an 8-50 mm Zoom lentil lens size.